The Opportunity

storageThe energy storage market is about to hit a critical point as it emerges as an affordable solution to integrate renewable energy generation such as solar and wind power. The confluence of decreasing costs and improving performance of batteries, together with advanced software and analytics, will propel energy storage into a mainstream technology.

While there are only a few hundred energy projects around the globe today, there are potential for millions of installations as the technology matures and is adapted for all sectors of the economy. While the residential energy storage market is starting to take off in the US, Europe, and Japan, there are only a small number of efforts to deployment robust storage options in the commercial and industrial sectors. Stalwart Power addresses these markets.

Why Stalwart?


Highly experienced, nimble, pivot-oriented, energy tech leaders with an aggregate of 100+ years of proven success in technology know-how, energy storage, market entry, financing deployment, and access to customer and industry relationships. Worked together in previous innovative energy technology related startups with high degree of success.


Stalwart SolutionA market ready total energy solution delivering optimal results through existing partnerships and supply chain for batteries, inverters and energy management/control software technology to combine best in class hardware and software solutions.

Why The Time Is Right

Why time right